Your Veterans Need You - Vote for Broughton House (please)

Here’s a message from Broughton House, we had the honour of filming there for the Orphan Boy - Some Frontier Video, a very humbling experience. Please give them your support.

Dear Friends of Broughton House,

We are delighted to have been short-listed for the Trafford Centre’s Fountain Fund – however to be chosen as one of the three winning charities and be able to secure circa £20,000 for the charity to build a beautiful Band Stand in the new Veteran Care Village that will be enjoyed by residents, visitors and the entire community; we need to secure as many votes as possible.

I would be so grateful if you would cast your vote for Broughton House through the link below….and to share the link with as many of your colleagues/friends and family as possible.

Voting closes this Friday ….

Broughton House, Salford

Broughton House, Salford

Kro Old Trafford Boxing Day

Opening hours are 12noon til 8pm again for your pre/post UTD v Sunderland match drinking/entertainment in our abandoned warehouse by Old Trafford Metrolink Station at 1 Warwick Road South. Jay Ellis will be in DJ action and Jack Mahoney in live action. 

Jack Mahoney was born with a plastic spoonful of Calpol in his mouth. By his thirteenth birthday he had mastered the wild guitar styling's of Bert Jansch and discovered a taste for White Lightning. Whilst those with weaker palates might dismiss this beverage as a drink fit for a tramp, its name has symbolic meaning - a nom de guerre that perfectly encapsulates Mahoney's musical delivery, his sexual appendage and his sallow, off-milk complexion. Coincidence? Let's look at the evidence.

His voice evokes the balladeers of yesteryear - Paul Robeson, Luke Kelly, Johnny Mathis...and his devilish good looks have been known to send housewives running to the bathroom, to flush away their vomit soaked Prozac and question everything they've ever believed in. His guitar playing is the sound of the solitary, wizened old man, brooding in the vault at last orders. Bring your umbrella's and prepare to be electrified. Jack 'White Lightning'Mahoney is about to take to the stage.

Jack Mahoney - Manchester's Finest

Jack Mahoney - Manchester's Finest